Many are unaware of our GREAT GOD, thus unaware of miracles happening in every situations of millions of people around the world. Our testimonies can act as a proof and also a hope to those who wish to understand miracles, and experience it. is a new website created, so as to reach a maximum of persons. So many are broken-hearted, oppressed, sick, or facing various kind of problems, may it be financial, marital, etc. BUT our testimony, as christian, will give them hope & they will feel motivated to experience our Living God. We were all during some period of our lives facing many problems, leading a confused / fearful life, or always struggling to achieve things. BUT we were always victorious because God defeated our enemis and changed situations to our favor, in Jesus' mighty name!

Post your testimonies, and help to change the life of someone... is a safe place to explore questions about who God is and what it might be like to know God.

This site contains articles, real life video stories, Q & A's, and gives you an opportunity to email a question you might have about God. We will email you a personal response to your question. Our desire is to help you see that God is offering you a personal relationship with himself, and how you can begin to know him today.

Faith Ministries Church - Mauritius

Faith Ministries Church - Mauritius is a local family church that receives people with love and whose beliefs are Evangelical and Pentecostal. The church holds the Bible, which is God's Word,  as accurate and authoritative in matters of faith and that Jesus Christ reconciled humanity to God through his death and resurrection.